Instructions for Dancer Drop-off and Pick-up


Dancer Drop Off for the Performance:

    • Dancers should be dropped off 30 minutes BEFORE their show time.
    • All dancers should be dropped off at the blue awning on Washington Street behind the church. Please follow the signs when you arrive. There will be someone there to receive your dancer(s).
    • Form a line beginning at the first drop off station behind the church (on Washington St)- you don’t have to get out of your car 🙂
    • Please be sure to get your “checkout” card. You will need this to pick up your dancer after the show.
    • We will whisk your dancer backstage where they need to be for their performance. Be sure your dancer arrives ready to perform: hair up and polished, dance wear on, etc… see your handouts and class information for specifics.

*Click here for a diagram of dancer drop off

Dancer Pick-up after their Rehearsal and Performance: *Don’t forget your “checkout” card! 

    • After your dancer’s performance, you will pick up your dancer(s) in person at the designated area. Dancers will need to be “checked-out” at the end of their performance.
    • You will need your “checkout” card. Please form a single line to turn in your card. We will collect cards a few at a time. Parents will wait in a designated area to reunite with their dancer.
    • All dancers should be checked out at the end of the performance.
    • Remember, dancers will be dismissed in their costumes.