Founded in 2006, SCCDT began with 30 young students, and a dream to provide quality dance training within a Christian setting and focus. We have grown in classroom studio space, students and knowledge of how to dance for a purpose other than ourselves. We are blessed to have wonderful families to dance in our great facility in Columbia, SC.

Not just another dance studio…

The SCCDT difference is our outright declaration of our Christian beliefs, that dance can be a useful tool in ministry and worship. Hopefully we are considered one of the studios in the Columbia area where great dance is taught and performed, continuing the training of classical ballet and excellence in all forms of dance training.

how_beautiful_are_the_feetSCCDT has grown quickly to be a place where over 200 families come to dance each week.   We have a performing company “Dance Radiance” who dance regionally in churches and community events.  Our summer camps, workshops and now Summer Dance Intensive, draw dancers from the region to dance with us in the summer months as visiting students.