Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take pictures or video during the show?

Absolutely! You can take pictures and videos of your dancer during the performance. We ask for you to be considerate of those around you as you capture your little one’s special moments on stage.

When can I take a picture of my child in their costume?

During the performance when he/she is on the stage, you will have the opportunity to take pictures as well as after the show. Your dancer will be wearing their costume home.

When will my child take class pictures and individual portraits?

During the performance, each class will have their class picture taken and each dancer will have individual portraits taken. There will be a table in the lobby with order information and forms for you to complete with your payment for your pictures should you desire to purchase them. Remember, you need to complete a form and submit payment to order your individual or class picture of your dancer. 

When does my dancer(s) get their costume(s) for the performance?

Costumes are delivered to the theater for you. Our costume service includes the ordering, fitting, altering, organizing and delivery of your custom costume. All you need to do is make sure your dancer has their shoes and tights.

What should be done BEFORE arriving at the theater?

    • Put your name on everything you plan to bring.
    • Remove all nail polish, earrings, rings, bracelets, hair ties and watches.
    • Make sure hair is in a bun (girls) or neat and tidy (boys).
    • Put on your stage make-up
    • Dress in your class uniform (leotard, tights, and proper skin-colored undergarments). Leave your skirt at home; you will not need it for this performance.
    • Wear a cover up outfit over your dance clothes (labeled dress, pants or skirt and shirt, coat, etc.)

What should my dancer bring in their dance bag to the theater?

    • Your dancer should bring their pink ballet shoes and tights (girls) or black ballet shoes and socks (boys). *Pre-Primary dancers should bring their black tap shoes.
    • Pack a towel or blanket for your dancer to sit on backstage.
    • Coloring books and crayons or other quiet activities for them to do while they wait for their turn on the stage.
    • Bottled water

Am I allowed to help my dancer get ready for the show backstage?

We have GREAT volunteers who are screened and trained to understand how best to care for all of our dancers. For the safety of the dancers and for order backstage, parents are NOT allowed backstage. We ask all parents to prepare your dancer’s hair and makeup prior to their arrival for the performance.

What does my child do when they aren’t performing on stage? Do they get to watch the performance? 

    • Your dancer will be enjoying life behind the scenes of the show, learning all about preparing to perform, and what it takes to put on a big production.
    • We have really GREAT faculty and volunteers who want to make sure that our dancers have a memorable time backstage-even when they aren’t on the big stage.

Other helpful tips from our wonderful dance moms:

    • Plan ahead, get all items needed, and pack them now.
    • Put your name on EVERYTHING you bring.
    • Extra tights are always a good idea. If you have an older pair with no holes or runs, pack them.
    • Pack extra hair items, you never know.
    • Proper undergarments & cover-ups are very important at the theater. But NO panties under a leotard. The polka dots can be seen under the lights. Be sure any undergarments worn are skin colored.
    • Practice make-up and hair before the performance. It can be fun when there is no pressure. Remember: for some hair types, damp hair is much easier to pull  back in a slick bun. Also, you can’t use too many hair/bobby pins.
    • Before the performance, practice packing clothing, towel and personal items in their dance bags. Dancers need to learn to take care of their things. It takes practice.
    • Take off the nail polish now, so you don’t forget.