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CLICK HERE to volunteer for One Life Read this google form to learn about all of the different volunteer positions we have and sign up to see what goes on behind the scenes to make a big production like this come together!  We can’t put on a show without our wonderful volunteers!


CLICK HERE to view the performance packet. Here you will find very helpful information for any and all questions you may have, from hair and make-up (video links) to drop off and pick up!


ONE LIFE Class Music

Mice  (Pre-Primary Tues 12:30, Pre-Primary Mon 4:45, Pre-Primary Tues 3:45.)


Golden Flowers  (Primary 1 Mondays 6pm, Primary 1 Wednesday 4:15, Primary 1 Tuesday 4:00.)


Sheep (Primary 2 Mondays 5:45, Primary 2 Wednesday 4:15, Primary 2 Tuesday 3:45.)


Bells (Primary 1&2 Tap Monday 5:15, Primary 1&2 Tap Tuesday 4:45.)


Bells (Primary Jazz Wed 3:45.)


Grass Flowers (Building 1/2 Mondays 5:45, Building 1 Mondays 3:45, Building 1 Thursdays 3:45.)


Tides (Teens Ballet/Cont Tues 6:00, Building Teens 1/2 Tues/Thurs, Building 2 Mondays 3:45.)


Sailors (Building Jazz Mondays 6:45, Building Tap 4:45-5:15)

Sailors (Hip Hop)


Orphans (Graded Ballet 1 Mon/Thurs, Graded Ballet IIB Tues/Thurs, Graded Ballet IIA Tues/Thurs.)


Stars (Graded Ballet III, Graded Ballet V, Graded Ballet IV.)


Hungry (Graded Contemporary III/IV, Graded Contemporary IIA/IIB, Graded Contemporary V/VI.)


Opening (Graded Tap 4/5, Graded Tap 2/3.)