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Premier School of Dance: How to do a simple ballet bun

How to: Ballet Bun for Beginners (on a Toddler)

Ballet Bun for African American Girl

Directions for Making a Ballet Bun

Needed for Hair: Strong Elastic band to make ponytail, lots of bobby pins or hair pins, hair net, hair spray and/or hair gel (cheap is better)

All female dancers need to have their hair pulled back very neatly for all performances and pictures. If a dancer can get any hair into a ponytail, they can pull their hair back for performance.

Please pull back as much hair into a ponytail as possible. Use small barrettes to pull back short hair. Bangs are not preferred. Damp hair with hairspray or hair gel works very well for all of the wispy and short hair that escape from the ponytail.

Twist or braid the hair as you begin to wrap around the ponytail to form the bun. Start to pin bobby pins or hair pins as soon as you begin wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail. At this stage the bun may not look very neat and hair will be sticking out from the bun.

Wrap a hair net around the bun (again and again) until there are a few layers of hair net holding the bun. Then use more hair/bobby pins for a secure bun that does not wiggle at all when the dancer shakes her head.

Then, one more spray of hair spray to smooth and polish any stray hairs.