New to SCCDT?

I’ve never danced before. How do I know which class to sign up for?

You’re partially right, our classes are based on experience in ballet, but we also consider age and physical maturity.  Please contact us.  One of our instructors will discuss which class would be the best fit for you.  Attending a free trial class would also be a great idea, especially to give you a chance to see whether you like it.

How do levels work at SCCDT? What level will I be when I start?

“Levels” are based on a dancer’s age, experience in ballet, and physical maturity.  “A Dancer’s Journey” describes the different levels of class at SC Christian Dance Theatre.  Current students receive evaluations from their instructors with recommendations for which classes they should take as well as general areas for improvement.  New students who have danced elsewhere are encouraged to discuss their experience with one of our instructors who will suggest the best first class at SCCDT.

How much does it cost?

Basic tuition depends of the class.  There are additional fees for the performances (costumes, etc.) and costs for shoes, tights, etc. Please call or email us to request a tuition and fees schedule so that you have the complete picture before you enroll.

What kind of recitals or performances will the students dance in?

All students in the Upper School (Primary, Building, and Graded levels) participate in two theatrical performances, one during the Christmas season and one in May. Our theatrical performances are full choreographed ballet stories.  See brief descriptions and photos of some of our recent performances.

Junior School students (our youngest dancers) participate in a year-end recital that showcases what they have been doing in their classes.

In addition, students are encouraged to join SCCDT in the Irmo Okra Strut parade and participate in ministry performances, such as performing dances from the Christmas show at nursing homes.