In the Studio
In the Studio

Graded Technique classes are for dancers age 9 and up who love to dance. Experience is required. Advancement is based on correct placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation – not by age – which means all classes have a variety of age levels. Students spend an average of two years at each level before mastering the skills to advance. All students receive an annual skills test.

Classes meet at least twice a week from 2 hours or more depending on level. For instance, Graded Technique: Level I meets for 2.0 hours of class instruction weekly while Graded Technique: Level IV meets for 3.50 hours of class instruction weekly. Graded classes perform in the annual Christmas and Spring productions.

"Family Reconciled" in The Perfect Plan (2015)
“Family Reconciled” in The Perfect Plan (2015)

Graded Ballet

Graded Ballet classes comprise the core instructional and technical part of the Graded Technique levels of dance study.  Students continue to develop their skill with the disciplines of ballet. Dancers receive training in ballet technique, pointe, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and body conditioning.

"Hot Hot Hot" in The Stand (2016)
“Hot Hot Hot” in The Stand (2016)

Graded Jazz
Classic jazz style and technique in a positive atmosphere. Our jazz classes focus on correct placement and technique while giving our students fun choreography and upbeat styles of music. We use various styles of music, yet any lyrics used would be classified as christian lyrics, so that music we listen to over and over again will be a positive influence in our hearts and minds.

Graded Jazz is for dancers with dance experience. Students will progress in their jazz technique, musicality and presentation. Emphasis is placed on classic jazz styles, with current trends added for fun. Full warm up and more complex combinations are taught.

"Candy Canes" in The Boy Who Brought Christmas (2015)
“Candy Canes” in The Boy Who Brought Christmas (2015)

Graded Tap
The tap program at SCCDT is designed to train dancers in musical theater tap and modern tap styles with a graded curriculum. You can’t help but smile when you take a tap class. Tap is fun, and a wonderful way to develop musicality and rhythm in dancers. Our tap classes are taught using class tap class music and contemporary christian music with lyrics which inspire.

Graded Tap classes are designed to challenge and inspire, for students to progress in their style, performance and tap technique.