"Tulips" in The Perfect Plan (2015)
“Tulips” in The Perfect Plan (2015)

Primary Technique

Primary Technique classes introduce the young dancer to ballet, tap, and jazz.  Students begin with simple steps in ballet sequences along with age-appropriate terminology and imagery.  As young dancers learn more complicated movement patterns, they increase their muscle awareness, strength and flexibility, along with confidence and self-esteem.

Classes meet once a week from 1/2 to 1 hour depending on the class.  Primary classes perform in the annual Christmas and Spring productions.  Primary classes are grouped by school grade and ability: Primary 1 (1st and 2nd Graders), Primary 2 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders), and Primary 3 (4th, 5th, and 6th Graders).


"Honoring Danilee" in The Stand (2016)
“Honoring Danilee” in The Stand (2016)

Primary Ballet

Ballet is the basis for all of the other styles of dance, and is the primary focus of training for our beginners. Other styles of dance are easily added once a strong beginning level of dance is achieved.

Our carefully designed curriculum is based on the international standards of the Royal Academy of Ballet and the American Academy of Ballet teaching methods. The highly qualified faculty are trained not only in “how to dance”, but in “how to teach” dance. Each student is individually considered for correct placement in the best class level for their growth and development in their technique and passion for dance.

Primary Ballet introduces the young dancer to beginning ballet technique, starting with basic ballet sequences and continuing through barre exercises and traveling combinations and turns.

"Dinner Bells Ring" in The Perfect Plan (2015)
“Dinner Bells Ring” in The Perfect Plan (2015)

Primary Tap

The tap program at SCCDT is designed to train dancers in musical theater tap and modern tap styles with a graded curriculum. You can’t help but smile when you take a tap class. Tap is fun, and a wonderful way to develop musicality and rhythm in dancers. Our tap classes are taught using class tap class music and contemporary christian music with lyrics which inspire.

Primary Tap builds on ballet technique to include the steps and sequences of tap.

"Christmas Lights" from The Boy Who Brought Christmas (2015)
“Christmas Lights” from The Boy Who Brought Christmas (2015)

Primary Jazz

Classic jazz style and technique in a positive atmosphere. Our jazz classes focus on correct placement and technique while giving our students fun choreography and upbeat styles of music. We use various styles of music, yet any lyrics used would be classified as christian lyrics, so that music we listen to over and over again will be a positive influence in our hearts and minds.

Primary Jazz is an introductory course and dance experience is highly recommended but not required. This class introduces students to basic jazz technique, with a full warm-up followed by simple combinations