About Us

South Carolina Christian Dance Theatre was founded in 2006 with a dream to combine excellence in dance education with a Christian setting and focus.  Our desire is to see our students grow as individuals in both physical and spiritual maturity as they grow in their dancing ability.  We work with these children and young men and women to help them realize that a life of following God is part of all we do, including ballet, and that our participation in both the discipline of dance and theatrical performances can be done to the glory of God.

Our Distinctives and Core Values

Excellence in Dance

SCCDT strives to provide excellent instruction for our students. Our faculty come from deep backgrounds in ballet and education. Class instruction is built around classical ballet, supplemented with contemporary ballet, jazz, tap, and other dance disciplines.  As students increase in their physical ability, participation in evaluation programs such as International Dance Acclaim is encouraged.

Christian Focus

Our desire is to see God glorified through our dance performance, through our attitudes in the studio, and in the lives of our faculty and dancers.

Theatrical Performances

Ballet is a visual expression, sculptures in motion.  SC Christian Dance Theatre loves to take that beauty in movement and use it to tell a story.  Our students are not providing a recital, they are all together telling a story, the telling of which comes out of their own learning of the story.


Ballet is often a very competitive sport, especially when the focus of why we are dancing is misplaced. SCCDT encourages students to consider each other first and to learn through working with others of differing abilities toward the beauty in dance that comes from many dancers together.


Proper attire is important at SCCDT.  We expect our dancers to maintain a standard of dress and of personal decorum that befits a dancer of character.


Viewing dance as ministry is important to SCCDT, and we incorporate as many opportunities as we can to share the love of Jesus through ballet.