Class Casting and Performance Times

Rehearsal schedule at Irmo High School (Coming Soon)

Picture Week Schedule: May 15th – May 18th (Coming Soon)


King of My Heart Class Music

Donkeys  (Building 1 Mon. 5:30pm, Building 1 Wed. 4:45pm, Building 1 & 2 Thurs.)


Worshippers  (Graded Ballet IV & V)


Flowers (Primary 1 Thurs. 5:45pm, Primary 1 Tues. 4:00pm, Primary 1 Wed. 3:45pm)


Bridesmaids (Graded Ballet IIB & III)


Joyful Noise (Primary Jazz Mon. 4:45pm, Building Tap Wed. 5:45pm)


Children of the Village (Primary 2 Mon. 3:45pm, Primary 2 Tues. 3:45pm, Primary 2 Wed 3:45pm)


Loot (Building Jazz Mon. 6:30pm, Primary Tap Tues. 4:45pm, Primary Tap Wed. 4:45pm)


Seamstresses (Graded Ballet I & IIA)


Wind (Building teens, Graded II/III Contemporary, Graded IV/V Contemporary)


Servants of Saul (Joy of Dance)


Music Notes (Primary Tap Thurs. 6:30pm, Graded II/III Tap, Graded IV/V Tap)